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Way Out
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The Hoodies &Awkward Domo
Sunday, 9 November 201416:27

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Tuesday, 28 October 201418:14


Whew, it is a long time again. Ngee...~ Why so hard to keep track and istiqomah (consistent) in anything I do. Well... well.. that's explain why failures always be my friend.

I am so confident that I will get Diploma in UPSI. But it is really devastating to know i was rejected. What? I don't know how to react. I am frustrated but at the same time I feel...OKAY.
Well, at least i don't need to think deeply whetther to wait for 04 December for SPA and I will get Michelle Phan's book.

That's a good things right? Maybe a lot time to spend with my family, my fitness, my contest and so much more. especially updating my blog. Hey babe blog, If I have my own money, I want to hire someone to make you more lovely yet simple.

Maybe it is a another failures for me. Sometimes I blame myself why I just don't go to Asasi TESL? Why must Abah & other teachers forced me to stay in Pre U science? Why I don't just get firm to enter a history class.


Then i realized that we cannot change it anymore.
Shame on me.
But I believe the future still unconfirm.
I need to walk and enjoy my moments.
And pray.

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Wednesday, 27 August 201403:46


Saya  pun tidak tau macam mana mau describe feeling.
Mungkin belum sampai rezeki untuk sambung belajar.
Hari tue, masa terjumpa senior, dia cerita selepas dua tahun kerja d PPD baru dia dapat tawaran d UPSI.
Rezeki sudah ditentukan sejak azali.
i keep the faith.
Yang penting kena sabar.
Mujur lah parents menyokong & bagi motivasi bila dapat tau tidak dapat UPU.
Kelas Sains memang best tapi cara menjawab soalan tue yang belum pass sebab nama pun sistem baru.
Ada juga lah merayu.

Yang penting jangan putus harapan.


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The Half Cooked-Meal. Apa motivasinya?
Friday, 2 May 201417:39

A few days ago, something happened that made me thought about something about life.

It's a Labor Day. So I thought I wanna cook  a special meal that day. Well, in my mind, it's Chicken sauce with bean. Then I think it'II better if I put a Sohuun in it, so I washed the Sohuun.

When I thought more, I think it's  not necessary. Tp sayang, saya sudah rendam!

So, apa boleh buat, just do it!

Everything was okay until something made me felt rushed. I don't know why I just put in the Sohuun without waiting the chicken cooked first.


When I saw it. I'm frustrated. Like there was no more hope.
I ruined everything.

I convinced myself. Everything will be okay. Saya cuma gaul masa Tue. Berharap semua akan jadi okay. Ada harapan ayam akan masak.

The meal is ready. GG said the chicken still not cooked really well.
But it's still delicious.
What the motivation?

Don't be too rush. Think deeply and seek guidance from HIM.
Sometimes we will face the hardships. The way we react will decide what's your next way of life.
Whether you give up or keep moving on will bring you next pathway. But, never give up!
The outcome may makes u frustrated, but if u don't try, it's makes u feel bitter.

Just do it. You never know.

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Thursday, 1 May 201406:53

Saaaayyyy what??
It's May!

Hello May! | via Facebook on We Heart It -

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I'm not my Abah's daughter.
Tuesday, 29 April 201406:28


I know the title today sound a bit controversial. But FYI, I don't mean like that.

Well instead of maksud tersurat what I mean is maksut tersirat. *ugh* bingung jap.

Today Rusaidi told me,
"Baru saya tau kau anak Cikgu Jabidin."
Me: Eh...tei? Tiada persamaan kh muka kami?
Him: Tiada. Langsung tiada.
Me: Wui.. Haha!!

It's kinda funny coz it's not just him said like that. Some people don't even believe at all. Like I am an non-existant. They even thought GG is the elder!!

I am 50% Ummi and 50% Abah.

They thought I am not Dusun. Well, Ummi also faced the same experience, people don't believe her that she is Dusun.

People asked, she answered.
People don't believe, so what?

But, when I looked my childhood pic, I am resembled with Abah. I got NY fair skin from his family side. Hihihii...

And also something strange happened today.
I am waiting for Ummi then one men asked me.

"Kau orang Pakah kah?"

When I told Ummi about what that men said, she said,

"Mulau tue orang."

And I am still wondering why she said that..

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Lesson of the Day
Thursday, 17 April 201405:59


Today I have something I learnt.
Kunun nie hari mau merajuk sama Ummi.
Semalam, lepas pulang kerja, terus masuk tdur, tiada  cuci muka lagi tue.
Ummi tanya "kau sakit kah?"
"Kau tidak lapar kah?"
"Kau tidak mau minum?"
Semua saya jawab "TIDAK"

Ewah.. Egoist sungguh. Childish sungguh.

Dipendekkan cerita, sepanjang pagi nie, buat acuh tidak acuh saja. Maybe ummi pun sakit hati.
Di Taska, ada rasa bersalah pula. Huhu..

Balasan sebab sakitkan hati ibu bapa tidak lama pasti muncul.

Hari nie saya bertugas sampai petang. Kalau sebelum nie, saya bertugas okay saja. Budak-budak pun jarang meragam. Si Momo jarang meragam.

Tapi ntah kenapa hari nie dorang meragam, ngam-ngam masa hujan lebat. Rasa sabar makin merundum. Rasa meluat bercampur baur. Nasib ada juga akal sihat until berfikir secara waras & bukan ikut perasaan.

Bukan berhenti itu sahaja. Dorang Baby & Elly pula lambat pulang. Rekod baru untuk dorang & rekod baru saya juga. Jam 6.20 petang.

Guess what? Ummi telefon & datang untuk ambil juga. Sambil tue kc kawan di taska sementara tunggu dorang Baby kena ambil.

I am sorry Ummi.
Lessons were learned.

Oh..ya! And tomorrow is holiday!
I love my job, my work place also like my second home, but I still love HOLIDAY!

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