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Way Out
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Another blog...AGAIN! XD
Monday, 2 January 201201:36

So, here we are again.. Hihi!!! Suddenly  i made a new blog again.. It's when i'm  already finished with my exam, SPM.. (sumandak pi meminang). Hehehehhee... Last year, I'm so active and overwhelmed with writing a journal.. Thanks to Madam Helen coz encourage me to write a journal... (^^,) So, I wanna give a try with blogging.. I'm free to write!!!! Yahoo!!!!!

Actually,  I hope my mood to write keep burning inside me! Ganbatte! I wanna start to write a novel and learning KOrean! 

What so ever.. Haha!!! I still cannot believe that it's  2012 already...

Am I dreaming? (O_O)

And I'm still when thinking I am not a student again.. I'm feeling like I wanna go school again.. It's hard to let the feelings.. After 11 years became a student, I gained a lot of experiences and wonderful memories..

Well, school of life still there for us, as we become more prepared for the 'exam'...

Have a great day!!! (^,^)

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