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Way Out
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Friday, 20 April 201200:59

Assalamualaikum and have  a lovely day  to my cute/handsome readers. I hope you all in such a happy atmosphere.

Always   smile  okay?     
Today I want  to  share   a story  about  my  first interview. You know what, it’s quite  interesting  and  I went  to  there  without  a  good preparation. XD And I went there with a  heavy heart because that’s means  I will ready to fly  but   I still   don’t  ready  at all.

It’s  an interview  for SPM 2011 candidates in what-so-called  ‘Asasi   TESL’. i’m surprised to know  that I’ve been chosen for  the  course. However.. Praise to ALLAH. (^_^)

Right after  I was dropped down  at UITM  Kota  Kinabalu, my  ummi hugged me  and wish  all the best  for me. Actually, she don’t want me  success in the interview  since she really can’t be separated away with  her lovely  daughter (it’s me ..hahahaha).

Almost  all  of  them   with  their  parents. Waiting   for  the call with  an accelerates hearbeat   and  don’t know what supposed  to do.

Well, I’m just sat  alone  that   time  in   regretful  because I don’t  bring  a  book   to read.  So it’s  really  boring. (TT^TT)

We  have  to  entered in  one room  to  have  a  test. An  objective  question  and   then we  have  to   write  an essay. (the topic of essay  more  easy  than  objective  question). We   only   have   one  hour   to answer all   the  question.)

After   the   test,  we  have   to  wait   again  and I  thought it’s gonna   be  boring again. Then, a   chatty   girl   started   to light   the  situation. The  fear  that  tried  to embraced  left  us  when she   started   to  talk   about  a Korean stuffs.

She made   a joke   and  she  also   shared   her  experiences   when she   went  to Korea.  She said, a gadget like   camera  and   handphone,  you   can  get  those  stuffs   at  reasonable  prices. A handbag also   at  a  cheap  price. However, almost all the  gadgets in Korean. And, a dress or a clothes  quite expansive.
She  also  made a joke  and  sometimes   it’s just  like   a forum  there  since  they  started  to  say,

“Yong Hwa  really  handsome!”

“I love B1A4!”

“Don’t  you listened  to  Big Bang’s   latest  song? Fantastic  Baby?”

Well… Well… It’s  quite  interesting  day  for me. And  when  waiting   for  my   name, I  felt just  like  my   heart  thumped  fastly. But when  I stepped  into  the  interview  room, it’s   gone  with   wind. (^_^)
Okay… When  I  remembered   how  happy she  was  singing  the  song Fantastic  Baby, I  search   for  it   and   sharing  it  in my   entry. (^^,)

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