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Way Out
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Friday, 20 April 201220:39

Assalamualaikum and  have  a  great  day  ever  to all my  lovely  readers.

(^^,) Smile please? Hehehehehe!!!

Today I wanna  blabbering  about  a first  Korean band ever attracting me.

Guess what? It's a FT Island.

Well, honestly  I don't  know a lot of  things about  them. Even their name, i still don't know..

*miss weirdo*

How I can love FT Island..?

The  story really simple, it's happen last  year  when my friend, Queya, recommended  me  to listen  to their song, "LOVE LOVE LOVE".

I just  nodded  that  time  but  actually my explosure  to  Korean stuffs  still in  a  small scope. XD

Until I listened  to the song... 

There's  a full emotion  in  the song..

From that  day, I started  to search and listened their songs. And I must find  the english subbed too  to make  sure  I understand  their song. 

And then, Encik  Kucing  gave me almost  of  their  songs  to me. (^w^)

Well, when  you listened  to  their  song  and understand  the lyrics carefully.

You  realized he's in the song.. Like it's exactly  happen.  

When he's in love,  you can feel the  feeling  through  the song.

When  he's   sad, you will don't  have  any  idea why  you suddenly also sad.

He brought  you  into  his  song. The melody  and the lyrics.

Most of all, I love the vocalist's voice. Hee~

Okay, take  a time to listen their latest  song in this entry.

Have  a  nice  day!!

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