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Sunday, 24 June 201203:37

Assalamualaikum and  hello  there..~

Today, there's  a pal  asked me how can she be in love with two person at  the same time. She does loves  him, but  then  she  also in love  with someone else.

Let's  say..

It's  not because we like  a  guy means  we love  him in one moment.

It's because you admiring  him  because of  something. (^_^)

Why I'm saying  like that? It's because I already  faced  the  same  things.

*smile earnestly*

Honestly, when I'm Form Three I'm admiring   my senior. And that  time I also got crushed  with Warate. (my previous crush)

It's because he's so coooollll!! And also what-so-called as  agood  kid. He's doing  well in  his  studies, kind, a responsible  perfect, so nice to the elder, devotees to HIM, funny and also have  a charming smiles.

I still remember, Queya and me liked  him so much! When it's  a  road raley  in 2009, he joined it and we don't cheered  him. Because we're so shy. (-^_^-)

I called  him Taiko  since he always walked  together  with his  gang in black jacket. We called them  "Gang Black Jacket".. When they were passed  by we surely burst into laughter. There's something funny  we're  talking about him. *it's a secret*

Sometimes my friends said:
Mas:  You love him or Taiko actually?
Mila: One day, you might falling for  him.
Pipo: Maybe he'II be your  husband on future.

Gwahahahahaha!!~ It's so funny when think  about  it! Are you also face  it  too?

There's also a  moment that I never forget.

When I almost hitted  him as we're rushing in a  competition. It's my a Form 3 & Form 4  activities  actually. And I immediately run  away!! XD Coz I have to win the competition! (>,^)

I remember how slowly  he  was when going upstairs.

When I'm in Form 4 and  he's Form 5, we're always bumped each  other. And he will be  the first to give a glance  and his charming  smiles  and I will be  the first  to give salam  to  him. (sometimes I just gave  a nod)
He's red and I think I'm gone pink. I'm not expecting too  much  coz he's good with any  girls.

And he also has  a charisma. Unexplained ones.

When I'm in Form 2, I gave him a fierce glanced when he stared  to me as Ustaz Hamdi said I'm a will be a good wife for him.

I gave him a cold answer when he's asked me.


Since 2009-2011, the word I've ever said  to  him  only:



"Hamizah  mana  satu?"

As  he said, "Hamizah, ada  kau  nampak  si Iqbal  kah?"

Because I'm with Queya that  time. And her name  also Hamizah. (^_^)

He got  a good results in his SPM  and  continue  his  studies  to matriculation. In 2011, I still admiring  him. Until one night, when I missed  him, I dreamt that he's slept on sofa with a biology  book. He looked  so  tired  and when he saw me. He smiled to me. A tired smiles.

I also  thought I will waiting  for  him. Until I found my Encik Kucing.

Now I'm happy  with  my choice. With Encik Kucing. (^,^)

Well, it's tooks a  long time  to  realize and differentiate which 'admire' and 'love'.

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