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MUET (The Speaking)
Saturday, 13 July 201320:30


Alhamdulillah,  I'm  finally   can  relax   for  a  moment  since  we're  already   finished   with  the  speaking  component.  Hehehehehe!!  It's   really   suprising  when  we're  not  really  nervous  on  the  day  we  have our  test.  I'm  not  good  English   speaker,  but  I  just  told  myself  that  everything  is  gonna  be  OKAY.

On  section  A,  I  forgot   to  give  a  conclusion.  :C  Huhuhuhuhuhu.......~   While  in  section  B,  the  group  discussion,  we're  having  fun   with   our  discussion.  It's  about   how  to  promote  Malaysia's  tourism.

Here,  I'm  giving  you  the  tips  on  how to  be  good  in  speaking  component. I am  not   a  good  speaker.  But  I  do  something  to  be  a good  speaker. (^^,)  Here's  a  few  tips  that  you  can apply.

  • Watch  YouTube  video. Especially  your  favorite  vloggers. Watch, listen  and  learn  the  way  of  they're  speaking  and  their  verbal  communication.
  • Watch  an animation  in Engish. It will be  the  same  when  you're  watching  a movie  and etc.
  • Speak to  your  friend  in English. My friend  and I happened   gossiping in English. It's  enjoying, you know. XD
  • Speaking in English  while  standing in front the  mirror.
What  you  should  do during the test? Well, let me  tell you. (^_^):
  • Help your team mates! Especially  when  they're   silent. At  least, ask them  a simple  question or an opinion..
  • Don't dominates! Give chance to your team mates to give their opinion.
  • Give  a  reaction. Eg:  Nodding/Smiling/Saying "I agree".
  • Sometimes you have to interrupting,
  • Before the test, make  sure  you  already  choose  the  person that  will start  and  giving  conclusion  in discussion.
Well, I think  that's  all for  today. Now. I wanna  ready  for  writing  component. (^^,)

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