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The Half Cooked-Meal. Apa motivasinya?
Friday, 2 May 201417:39

A few days ago, something happened that made me thought about something about life.

It's a Labor Day. So I thought I wanna cook  a special meal that day. Well, in my mind, it's Chicken sauce with bean. Then I think it'II better if I put a Sohuun in it, so I washed the Sohuun.

When I thought more, I think it's  not necessary. Tp sayang, saya sudah rendam!

So, apa boleh buat, just do it!

Everything was okay until something made me felt rushed. I don't know why I just put in the Sohuun without waiting the chicken cooked first.


When I saw it. I'm frustrated. Like there was no more hope.
I ruined everything.

I convinced myself. Everything will be okay. Saya cuma gaul masa Tue. Berharap semua akan jadi okay. Ada harapan ayam akan masak.

The meal is ready. GG said the chicken still not cooked really well.
But it's still delicious.
What the motivation?

Don't be too rush. Think deeply and seek guidance from HIM.
Sometimes we will face the hardships. The way we react will decide what's your next way of life.
Whether you give up or keep moving on will bring you next pathway. But, never give up!
The outcome may makes u frustrated, but if u don't try, it's makes u feel bitter.

Just do it. You never know.

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