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Way Out
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Tuesday, 28 October 201418:14


Whew, it is a long time again. Ngee...~ Why so hard to keep track and istiqomah (consistent) in anything I do. Well... well.. that's explain why failures always be my friend.

I am so confident that I will get Diploma in UPSI. But it is really devastating to know i was rejected. What? I don't know how to react. I am frustrated but at the same time I feel...OKAY.
Well, at least i don't need to think deeply whetther to wait for 04 December for SPA and I will get Michelle Phan's book.

That's a good things right? Maybe a lot time to spend with my family, my fitness, my contest and so much more. especially updating my blog. Hey babe blog, If I have my own money, I want to hire someone to make you more lovely yet simple.

Maybe it is a another failures for me. Sometimes I blame myself why I just don't go to Asasi TESL? Why must Abah & other teachers forced me to stay in Pre U science? Why I don't just get firm to enter a history class.


Then i realized that we cannot change it anymore.
Shame on me.
But I believe the future still unconfirm.
I need to walk and enjoy my moments.
And pray.

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