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Saturday, 14 July 201204:39

Assalamualaikum   and hello   there...!~

Today  I wanna   share   a   new  fact   that  I've  just   knew   from  an   article in Reader's  Digest  magazine!  (  Feb 2008/pge 64)

It  will   be   a   good   new   to fellow   who's   has  a hourglass  boday   shape   and   maybe  those  who  kinda little  chubby.. (^_^)

US   research   has   found   women  with   hourglass   figures  are  more  likely   intelligent   and  to  have   brighter    children, too. After  examining   data  from 16,000   women  and   their children, researchers   from universities  pf Pittsburgh  and California  concluded that   women  with  shapely  hips  and  thighs  scored  higher    on  intelligence  test  than  women  with more  linear   figures.

Long-chain   polyunsaturated  fatty   acid   such as DHA, necessary  for  brain  growth , are stored around the  hips and thighs:the researchers  believe  carrying  a  little  extra in these   areas may be  a  good   thing.

"Woman  with   a small   tummies   and  big   hips  and thighs  have more  of  what  it takes  to  build  brains and thus tend  to  be smarter  and  have smarter  children," says  study co-author  Professor  Steven GAulin  from the  University of California, Santa  Barbara.

"This hip and thigh  fat  is primarily  metabolised in third  trimester  of pregnancy and lactation, when babies' brains are being  build."

(Readers' Digest, February  2008)

Well, could it be true? Hahahaha...~  To men out there, if  you want   your children have a brightest mind, search for a women with a chubby  or hourglass  figures. (>,^)

My ummi   kinda  chubby   since she's a little  girl.. ( no matter   why I'm  chubby  too.. (T,T)) She's also intelligent  and if not my aunt and grandma interrupted her to medical school to be a nurse, I'm gonna have  a mom who used to work as  a nurse now.

Ummi  has  two bright  princess (including me..` XP) and three  bright   prince..

Peace!!!~ It's from Allah's wills too mah...

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