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Hello and goodbye...!~
Thursday, 29 November 201205:06


Hehehehe!!  H e l l o   t h e r e ! !  (^^<)

First   of   all,  I want   to   congratulate,  my   best   buddy,  Cik  Mas Ayenira   because   she's  will  be   a Medical   Assistant  on  future.  I'm  happy   even  at   the   same   time   I'm  starting   to  imagine   my   life   without   her. TT,TT

Because   we're   being    together   since  we're   in   kindergarten   until    now,   so   it's   will  be   something   missing   soon   after   farewell.   However,   may   she   going   well  there. (^,^)

I'm   just   hoping   the   best    for  her   as   we   have   our   own   destiny.  Insya-Allah,   the  pathway we choose   will  be   the   answer   for   our   future.

Many   of   our   classmates   successful   in   the   interview   for   SPA.  Both   our   boys  will   gone soon. So,   that's  means   there's   only   girl   in   our   class.  Anis   kinda   dissapointed   since   she  failed   for   her  application   to   be   a   nurse.  "It's   alright."   She  said.

E v e r y t  h i n g   h a p p e n s   f o r   t h  e  b e s t ! !

Here's   some   picture  on  the  last   day,  after   our   Term  1   examination.   I took   it   from   Pipo  and   Lex.

What  an   enjoyable   moments  we  have! (^,^)

I know, my  face  always  can't be  seen... XP  Ignore it.

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