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Way Out
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T o m a s s o w a s g o n e
Sunday, 9 December 201203:04


Today is the most s a d   day   for  my family   since we  lost  something  that  we  love  and  he's   really      p r e c i o u s. (TT,TT)

Huhu!! It's  just  a sudden! He looked   weak   yesterday  so  we  brought   him  togeteher   to   our  grandma's house,  since  we   stay   there   for  one   night.

Yesterday,  he was  still   okay.

Today, when  I woke  up  at  dawn, as  I opened my door,  he  slept  on the mat  infront  my  room,  I took  him  and   put  him  down  on  my bed. After  solat, I'm pampering  him and put  him on my arm. However, he   smells   bad. And that  smile same  just  like Lala's smell before he died.

I said  to  him, "Can u be stronger? Can u wait  for tomorrow? We will bring u to clinic  and everything will be  all right again. So u can play with Wodit again."

And I thought  he   said " Y E S . ."

It was sudden   when he really  fight for his  life I cannot  bear  anymore when  I saw  he struggled  like that. I prayed  so  he  can 'go' peacefully.

"Just 'go' Toma. I don't want  see u  like  this.."

After  a  few   moments,  he finally   'walked   away'.

Wawan and  I  cried  since  we love  him so much.

He's  the  nice  cat. He  also sweet, playful, friendly  and  always  take  care  of   Wodit.

You always   in our  heart.  (,^_^,)   W e     l   o    v   e     y o u  !

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