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Way Out
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Tuesday, 13 November 201207:20

Assalamualaikum!   And   hello!

Especially   for  all  MUET   candidates.  Congratulation  for  the matrix-rian     since   they're  finally   finished   their  MUET   exam.  ^^

Lately,  I  have   a  weird   feeling   since  I sat   for   Listening   component   of   MUET.   For  people  who's   already   sat  the   exam,   you   will   understand   what   I'm   gonna   said.

When   I   watching   The  Legend  of   Korra,   the   way   they're   speaking,  tone   and  intonation  exactly   like  the  person  speaking   in  the  test..   (=,=)"  Like   a  nuts...~

I  want   to  take   a   chance   to  study   further   or   study   MUET   earlier,   for   the  next   year preparation.  ^^   I   hope  I can   do it,  since  I'm  so much   in   love   wasting   time.   XD

I  also   wanna   show   thumbs  up   for   anybody   who's  can manage  their  time  and  fans   of   Legend  of   Aang  and   Legend  of  Korra. (^^,)

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