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STPM and so on...!~
Tuesday, 13 November 201207:03

Assalamualaikum...!~ Hehe..

Alhamdulillah, finally we sat for our STPM   exam for  semester  I. I'm  kindA   feeling weirdo for some people   who still   showing  their   shock  face   when  knew  we're sitting for exam.

" Apa? Exam apa?  Kamu pun STPM juga  kah?"

Isk...Isk...!! We're  kinda  dissapointed...SOMETIMES!~

Speak  about  exam,   I havee to  tell the truth   that  I'm not doing  well in  my  exam, espescially   Mathematics  T.  Well  between  answering   MAth   or  back and forth   to Desa   Aman,  I'm  better   going off   with   the second   choice. (+,+)   Well, it's last minute preparation.  I made   a  promise    to myself   to   not   repeat   the   same   mistakes.

*let's  look   forward if   I can   do it. XP*

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