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Way Out
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Wednesday, 11 December 201301:20

Hello there!

Why guy always the one who's cheating on  their girlfriend?
Is it because of habit?
Oh! The guy out there will angry if they read this. But wait?
Are you sure?

Girls, not every guy like that. But here is four reasons why guy cheat. Maybe it is irrelevant on relevant to others. different people, different styles.

1.    Long Distance Relationship.
 Well, I know it sucks. I know what that feelings too. It may a major cause that can destruct the relationship. It's hard for both of you to communicate. Sometimes,   a guy may meet a girl and then cheating on his girlfriend. I reassured you, if your boyfriend has commitment on your relationship. It might not happen. :D

2.    Boring Relationship.
Routine daily life without something new, of course, it's BORING. Come on! Guy loves something new and adventurous. You must know how to live the love between both of you. Try something new, why not rock-climbing? If you like art, ask him to join. Even he is really bad in art. It will be fun. Why not?

3.  No Respect.
Don't belittle him. He has an ego. He is a men. Especially when it is in front others. You cannot blame him if he founds another girl that can be sweet and respects to him.

4.   Born To  Be  A  Cheater.
Naa...~ It's ain't true.  Even there's so many guys that are easily seduced, but there's still a guy who can give commitment even facing a greater hardship.  And the past might be the cause why he become a cheater. But girl! Who knows if you can be a reason for him to change?

Sweet day, everyone. Thanks for reading. (^_^)

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