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Way Out
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Wednesday, 11 December 201300:40


Hello, guys!

Because of the laziness conquering me lately, so I always procrastinate, AGAIN.
Haha,, Whatever, because today I wanna share something with you about Mr Rice.
The handsome Mr Rice. Hihihhi!!

As an Asian, rice is our-must-take carbs in daily meal. But as you know, carbs not really  good for your diet.
It is good for your beauty!


Just give you the reason here:

  • Rice rich in Vitamin which very  good for your skin. 
  • Rice can make your skin fairer. Which why there's so many product based of rice.
  • Powerful dirt remover on your face especially dirty pores!
  • Contain Oryzanol to renew melanin pigment and as an UV protector.
  • High anti-oxidant.

Okay, now you know how special Mr Rice for your skin. Now, how we can apply Mr Rice?

Well, maybe you can try:

  • When you're washing your rice, why not you use the rice water to wash your face. Warning! Don't use the first or second rice water, coz you don't wanna your skin feel itchy don't you? 
  • Do you have rice flour? Use it! You can make it as a powder or as a face mask. 
  • For face mask, you can add a honey or green tea powder. Together, they able to exfoliates your skin and the acne scar will gone. :D
  • Wash your skin with warm water after 15-20 minutes and then rinse again with cold water. Don't forget to apply toner and moisturizer. You will surprise to see the result after practicing it.
  • I think once or twice a week is good enough.

I am sharing this because it is really working well on my skin. I hope it will be useful for you guys too.

Good luck! 

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