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Sunday, 15 December 201323:00


I likeeeee  music!! We can expressing ourselves by  listening to our favorite musics and sometimes sing it out loud. What I love most is to be inspire by the lyrics. Sometimes, I will get know the lyrics first before  decide if  I wanna like the song or not. Here's a few of piece of my favorite.

We Can't Stop (Miley Cyrus)

                                         "Remember only God can judge ya
                                  Forget the haters 'cause somebody loves ya"

- We cannot guarantee that everyone will love us, even you realize it or not. But there's someone who will be always loving  you, love you the way you are. So, if someone talking behind your back, just smile and moving   forward. Because the people who love you waiting for you.

                                               Love at First  (Busker Busker)

"Love, at first, was so easily believed to last forever
That’s what I believed, that’s what I believed
If love ever comes to me again
Then I won’t get too close but then I won’t be too far"

Funny. This is what I thought  when I was with him. I thought our relationship will lasts forever. Study and then has own career then get marry. Immature, I am too immature to think like that. That's what the singer wanna present to the listener, how hurt is love when you thought it will last forever and until you break up. He also trying to be more standard. Not love very much and not stay too far for his next love. This is a good Korean song since the lyrics really meaningful and as you know, when you listen to majority Korean song, they love to put English line, really catchy but not really into your heart. Another example best band is FT Island

Madly (FT Island)

"I try to comfort myself, telling myself to stop
But I can only forget you with my head
Because my heart still remembers you
I throw a fit but I keep thinking of you"

If you just have facing a break up, don't listen to it! Or you will face mental breakdown because Hong Ki really good to give emotions in every song he sangs. But, if you are deciding to break up, try listen to it! Maybe you will think twice to break up since you will gonna face the situation exactly like in the song.

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