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Way Out
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Sunday, 5 January 201402:41


OMG! Time flew so fast. It's hard to believe that we're in 2014. Six years before Vision 2020.:D 
Ehew, and I need new year solution. There's many stuff that I cannot reach since, FYI, I'm a greatest procrastinator. Phew~  But, I will try may best to overcome my weakness. Well, it's all about your attitude.

Yesterday, I already started my job at baby-care-centre. I am sooooo  sleepy on the morning and I still wanna sleep. I always wake up before Syuruk and that become my habit. ( I should change! ) And I really wanna make an excuse to not come that day. But... With a determination, I just move on.

Actually, I need to teach a tuition class, but since there is no confirmation on registration yet, I will be temporarily be a baby-sitters, and be the lucky girl to experience how-to-be-a-housewife. Hoho~

It's really awkward at first, it's being a long time I never take care a baby after Ayuni was born. I'm totally annoyed when the baby won't stop crying.  (=_=)' 

"Oh, baby!! Why you won't stop crying??"  I'm kinda nervous and panic at the same time. Huhu!! I suddenly thinking  how ummi can take care of us so properly. It's a first day and I felt like I am dying. But just like I've been said before, it's from your own attitude. 

If we think positively, then we surely can make it. Insya-Allah. (^_^)

On second day, I'm thinking to make an excuse, but I just stand up and do it. And it's going really well. I am just kinda sad because I don't have the chance to go tamu. (T_T)

I have to be a babysitter from 7 am-1 pm, Monday to Friday, and on  Tuesday I need to babysit until 6 pm. But, it's fun actually. You will having fun with the babies and the kids. They're so cute! Maybe because they still have a pure heart. And even we're grown up, but we will learn something that meaningful from them. Trust me! :D

Well... Well..

I'm more into Tmblr lately. And I wanna share something interesting from there. :D 

YOLO. But make your life more meaningful. Life too short to learn every mistake in life. Learn it from other's mistake. If you have a dream, chase them. It will change your life forever. Michelle Phan said, "turn can't to can." Follow your passion and it will lead you to the better life.

I love  coffee so much! It's like my catalyst for  the kick starts of the day. But, I will choose green tea. I'm dating with green tea just now. hoho~ But choose to take a sip of coffee will not make you send to jail.

I found a cute design of bags! it's super cute! But some beauties youtubers called it as 'purse' instead of 'bag'. Let's check it out!

I love the colour so much! It makes you appear cute and youthful. It's  handy if you take many stuffs with you especially a DSLR. Very suitable to bring on vacation or outing with a friend. If there's another colour, then I will choose coral color!

But, I love this more! Look at the detail! With that heart shape! I wish I have this one. (T_T)

 I wanna do with all my best. Whatever works I am into it. I also have a dream but I still unsure what actually I want. My parents insisted me to choose the career path that I don't even like or thinking about. But, I will try to make this quotes as my principle.

Yes! In 2014, I am in my way to practice a healthy lifestyle. Not diet. I wanna eat clean, train dirty and be positive minded. That's why I am following fit-tmblr. Just look how the big difference she is  after practicing a healthy lifestyle. She don't do crush diet, she don't starve herself. But the scale reduce from 170 lbs to 115 lbs. She looks more beautiful, confident and healthy..!

I hope you will accomplished your 2014 list. Don't be procrastinator! And I have a mission. Please do follow it, if you want. You're invited to do so!

First things first!
Starting January, write good things that happen to you on little piece of paper. Including:

  • surprise gifts 
  • accomplished goals
  • the beauty of nature
  • LOL moments
  • memories worth saving
  • daily blessings
 Then, on December 31, 2014, open the jar and read  all the amazing things that happened to you in 2014.

Well, that's all for today.
Good Luck! (^,<)/ 

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