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AwkSome WEDNESDAY: Babysitting stories
Tuesday, 7 January 201423:19

Hello beauties!!

It's fun but at the same time it is really tiresome. (>,<) Especially when the babies started to cry. If one cry, another one will cry, if one stop crying  then another one start to cry. Humph!! Sometimes it makes me glare. Haha~ But when think about it again, they're just a baby. They cannot say anything and expressing everything with crying. But, Nabihah is such a good baby girl. Not crying out loud. Just give her little attention and play with her, and she will calm again.

Today, it is a sudden that they're talking about ghost stories. Especially for the person that has overtime (working till 5 pm or sometimes until 7 pm). That's why they're freaking out when there's blackout or raining. Sometimes they saw "them" and sometimes when there's someone knocking the door and say 'assalamualaikum', but when they open the door, there's no one out there. Woowwww!!!!! No matter why GB asked Najah if she brave enough to take care of Ulfah and Uzwah alone.

It's my turn to work until late evening tomorrow. Huhu!!~

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