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Way Out
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Tuesday, 7 January 201423:53

Assalamualaikum! Hello beauties! 

It's TUMBLRSpiration! Which is your favorite?


 There's a moment that we're crying because we miss the past. Or maybe the pass was so painful. Past is the past. There's a future in front  of us. Just live for our life. Don't miss the moment around us because it is precious!

Whatever your religion, as long you are faithful that we have GOD, you are lucky. Atheist person don't believe in God will live in despair and pessimist.

If you're coupling with stress, ignore it! Just break up with stress. Yeah, there's a cliche that stress a good sometimes. But come on! It is like a junk food. You can consume it sometimes, but not everyday. Little stress is okay, but don't overdose!

Different is unique. Don't you agree? You're one of the kind~

This is how I am challenging myself. I always running from any job that I dislikes. But starting today I will do anything on I can do. But it doesn't mean I will stop chasing my dream.

Cute outfit. If the skirt is longer, it will be lovely to be a Muslimah Fashion. I love the combination colour as well.

 This is a JOURNAL. The way the writer  writing her journal really overwhelming! I already stop writing journal. The passion when I am writing journal cannot explainable, but I started a blog and blogging about anything I want. But what I love so much is when people love my writing.

  I think this is what-so-called beautiful nerdy. Nerd  and petite but cute!

If I have the chance to have this book, I wanna make it as my diary and daily notes! The colour also so cute as I dislike neon colour.

 I think you know why I love this picture. She looks like an angel!

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