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Way Out
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Saturday, 11 January 201404:24

It's really awkward, you know.
When a guy that you know suddenly appeared when you are  choosing your bra. Especially when you're  trying to figure out the size of the bra.

It's happened on fine day where Ummi and I were going out to shopping  for my lil bros and sister' school supplies. Since I'm not going to school anymore, so Ummi said, why not buy a new bra. So, with excitement I choosing intensely. Until, this guy, come. He was just in front me. 

Nooooooo   waaayyy!!
No wonder why he was there since his girlfriend was there too. I'm not really close with them, though.
This guy has resemblance with *tuuut*, so it's make me awkward. I just looked down and pretend that I don't know him.

I'm waiting for them to walked out from the shop before I went choosing bra again.

The naughty things I done with Ummi is bought a bag without known by Abah. With a coral color, the bag really cute! We made a promise to use and share the bag together.

That's why it's good to have a daughter, right???

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