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Way Out
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Saturday, 8 February 201419:58

Ello! Ello!  People keep asking me why I love band boy more than idol. 
I really love FT Island and CN Blue very much! 
Here's why!

FT Island together with Min Hyuk, Jonghyun
 and Jung Shin from CN Blue

Yong Hwa's troll face. Look at his adorable teeth!~

Hongki abilites is he able to let the listener feels the emotion and understands the lyrics in his voice.
It's really wonderful.
I love Yonghwa's voice too, but I love Hongki more. *gee*
Handsome face like an aristocrat face is extra credit.
Their sense of humour and love for their fans also lovable.

What another reasons, huh?


Guys who play a guitar usually a sentimental guy.
That's means, they also sensitive to girl's feeling too.
Anddddd!! They can make up with you with playing a soft  tunes with their guitar.
Absolutely, melting your heart like an ice cream!


Well, they're also really cool and  not moody. 
They release tension with playing a guitar.
let it out through music.
They're also easy to co-operate


You know what guy can do with just playing a guitar, right?

So, what about you?


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