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Way Out
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Sunday, 16 March 201401:25

After watching my Love Came from Another Star.
I am watching.....

Yep. It's Bride of the Century. T dhe synopsis sounds interesting, so I just download and watch it.
Honestly, it is really boring on the first episode, but trust ME!
You will be eager to watch another episode when you're already absorbed into the drama!
You will be excited to wait another episode. It's six episodes so far, and I think it is a good drama and will get a good rating from worldwide. 
I hope.

Another exciting things about this drama is the soundtrack is by FT Island. 
I love FT Island. :D 
I also wanna watch any make up tutorial about 'Angelic' Doo Rim and 'Evil' Hye Kyung. 

Do you already watched the latest 2NE1's latest music videos?
It is amazing!
The music. The video. The make up. The impression.
Especially Park Bom and Park Sandara.
They always catch my attention!

I love the make up done by Sandara Park in Happy MV.
She looks young yet elegant.

I don't like 2NE1 long long time ago.
I think they're weird and scary.
But, after listening to all of their musics, watching their MV.
To me they're versatile.
Especially, after they made an appearance in Running Man.
They also have a great personality.

Do you 2NE1's fans?
Let me know. :D

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