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Way Out
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Sunday, 16 March 201400:49


It's been a while. :D Haha.
There's a lot of stuffs that I wanna share with all of you
Most  importantly, I am officially 20 this year!
How time flew so fast.
Maybe five years from now I will getting marry.
Since  don't have any person to see as a future husband, i don't have any intentions to marry in early 20.

Thanks for all the gifts and love. The artwork above is by Mas. Hihi!~
And, I am trying to consistent in my workout. My knee and arm totally in hurt when I am doing pilates on the floor. It's totally uncomfortable.
Thanks to the online shopping, finally i found a yoga mat with an affordable price!
I purchased RM 32 with free shipping
Free shipping. That why I love online shopping.
And, of course my Abah's credit card became a victim.
Don't worry, i pay it back. :P

Then, in, i saw many gadgets and other stuff  with a free shipping. but some of the stuffs also don't have a free shipping But, you still can save money with RM 10 coupon. And here's my BABY!!!!!

 I make a deal with Abah to get the Lenovo A516. I am going to work harder to get more money. I will surely do my best!

And, hey!

Recently, I made a photo collage on my wall. well, to get an inspiration. It took more than an hour to make it happen. I am enjoyed to do it while listening to the music. it is really fun to do.
And, uoh! I also made a food journal and reading a book on how to take care of our heart
There's many things that I've learned so far.

I am enjoyed to read REMAJA and there's a lot of beauty related and  tips. I love the variety of hijab quick styles and fashion. And, if you love make up, you can get many inspirational looks on this magazines.

that's all for today.
lots of love!

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