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Way Out
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I'm not my Abah's daughter.
Tuesday, 29 April 201406:28


I know the title today sound a bit controversial. But FYI, I don't mean like that.

Well instead of maksud tersurat what I mean is maksut tersirat. *ugh* bingung jap.

Today Rusaidi told me,
"Baru saya tau kau anak Cikgu Jabidin."
Me: Eh...tei? Tiada persamaan kh muka kami?
Him: Tiada. Langsung tiada.
Me: Wui.. Haha!!

It's kinda funny coz it's not just him said like that. Some people don't even believe at all. Like I am an non-existant. They even thought GG is the elder!!

I am 50% Ummi and 50% Abah.

They thought I am not Dusun. Well, Ummi also faced the same experience, people don't believe her that she is Dusun.

People asked, she answered.
People don't believe, so what?

But, when I looked my childhood pic, I am resembled with Abah. I got NY fair skin from his family side. Hihihii...

And also something strange happened today.
I am waiting for Ummi then one men asked me.

"Kau orang Pakah kah?"

When I told Ummi about what that men said, she said,

"Mulau tue orang."

And I am still wondering why she said that..

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